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3 Ways to Grow your Business in 2022

Modern office innovations, from minor daily practices to major foundational changes, is improving productivity, efficiency, workplace satisfaction & environmental initiatives while fueling unprecedented growth potential. And you'll be surprised when you learn how easy it is to get started taking advantage of these innovations!

What is the 'Modern Office'?

The Modern Office is not n aesthetic concept, but rather a functional one. It's not as simple as making your desk look like the inside of a Tesla (although we like the idea!). It's all about what's is under the metaphorical "hood".

The modern Office is one that is consistently evolving to be more productive while requiring considerably less effort to maintain consistency.

While this all probably sounds like more effort than it's worth to implement, in reality it's in fact far simpler than you might think! So whether you're a CEO of an enterprise, managing a small business or simply working own thing from home, keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of a few tips to get you started on your way to a smooth efficient & productive Modern Office!

Tip #1 - Automate repetitive tasks

Wouldn't you like to just press a single button to complete all those email replies, update spreadsheets or send notices to different departments and much more?

We've compiled a short list of the best entry-level to enterprise solutions to get you started with task automations to save you time!

Microsoft Power Automate

With an easy to use, low-code user experience, Microsoft Power Automate allows you to complete simple to extremely complex task workflows and data scraping without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Why we like it:

  • Free to get started with a substantial amount of functionality.

  • Easy to share templates within organization.

  • Website scraping capabilities.

  • Ability to automate the majority of functions on your Microsoft operating system such as setting alarms, scheduling Teams meetings, sending dynamic reports via Outlook or Mail or interacting with a recent social media post when it is posted & much more.

  • The perfect tool to realize the power and potential of automation inside your organization.

  • Dozens of high quality tutorials on multiple platforms like YouTube to get anyone started with basic automations.

Some negatives:

  • Free version only allows manual event triggers - paid version can be programmed to a multitude of automatic triggers such as receiving an email etc.

  • Power Automate only supports sequential workflows.

  • You can only use 250 actions per workflow.

Since it interacts with your desktop, Microsoft Power Automate is useful for a wide variety of task automations and is the perfect free starter tool for any working individual to be more productive.


Zappier is by far one of the most popular tools out there for making work a lot simpler and allowing organizations to scale their workflows and automations with an impressive list of integrations.

Why we like it:

  • An easy to use no-code tool that is for everyone wanting to streamline basic workflows & tasks.

  • Events trigger based on logic and are more flexible than sequential tasks for example: when a lead is submitted to your CRM, Zapier can have multiple different flows trigger based on the location or product interest of the lead.

  • Safe and secure data handling & encryption keeps all your sensitive information safe.

  • 200+ application integrations makes the ecosystem for your automation very adaptable.

  • Multiple condition based permissions to allow for maximum flexibility between departments.

  • a Wide list of compatible Marketing Automation tools.

Some negatives...

  • Free tier has little functionality.

  • Very expensive (but worth it) for larger scale operations.

  • Some API's do not function properly and are prone to return incorrect responses.

  • While the integrations are impressive, migration might not be as simple if a single application in your workflow is not supported.

We confidently recommend Zappier for new businesses who have yet to establish their suite of business applications, however, not necessarily for established organizations not willing to migrate a some business functions to completely new platforms for the sake of consistent compatibility.


DocuWare is BY FAR the most versatile and sophisticated solution on this list! It's the solution to the vast majority of your automation needs and boasts nearly limitless capabilities in making your work as easy as it could possibly be.

Why we LOVE it:

  • DocuWare has state-of-the-art document management & processing capabilities.

  • Nearly limitless integrations & compatibility.

  • Perfect replacement for paper-based processes with document scanning & data scraping to automatically update your databases.

  • World-class support & training for internal DocuWare technicians to maintain and develop your automations as you grow.

  • Best value-proposition for enterprises & growing businesses.

  • Fully automate invoice processes and more

  • Support a mobile workforce with dynamic processes to allow your staff to focus more on function than administration.

  • Align with environmentally friendly initiatives with less paper consumption.

  • Flexible pricing through vendors (like us) to allow any size organization to lay the perfect foundation for maximum growth

Some negatives...

  • Complex solutions can be time-consuming and expensive to implement.

  • Requires specific knowledge & training to maintain with your own internal resources.

Even though DocuWare has a complex interface and required specialized knowledge to get started, it is the most scalable solution out there. Their global support structure and consistent improvements in development, as well as regular local training initiatives makes today the best time to implement a DocuWare document management & workflow automation system into your organization. If you are thinking "Big Picture" don't look elsewhere...simply click here to book your fee consultation & assessment!

Tip #2 - Go Remote

The traditional office is a thing of the past...and while most traditionalist would say there is nothing like having a team in the same space working together toward a collective goal, we believe the benefits of a remote or hybrid working model have been starting to outweigh the negatives at an impressive pace. We would even argue this approach severely limits growth potential for some.

Casting a wider net

Allowing remote appointments opens you up to a nearly limitless pool of talent, willing to commit their expertise and experience to the same goal as the rest of your organization. There is an abundance of talented individuals out there who could apply to your available position if they are allowed to do it from home.

More time to work

So much of the work week is spent traveling to and from work. Not to mention the list of things that could go wrong along the way and have you suddenly be forced to put "Change tire." at the top of your to-do list.

Studies show that remote workers tend to get more done at the start and end of the normal work day in general with no indication of a reduction in overall productivity. Put simply, remote workers hit the ground running a lot earlier and do not spend the final hours of the day looking forward to getting home, allowing for a more focused approach to their work in traditionally unproductive hours.

"77% of those who work remotely at least a few times per month show increased productivity, with 30% doing more work in less time and 24% doing more work in the same period of time." – ConnectSolutions survey.

If you would like to read a more in-depth study on some statistics regarding productivity in remote working environments, click here .

“Time is money, but also money is money.” - William Gibson

Office space, transport costs, fuel expenses & allowances, parking costs and a multitude of other expenses go with traditional office work. You can easily cut down on employees' stress and expenses by converting to a hybrid working model to support a transition and allow the benefits of remote working to positively affect not only your employee morale and productivity, but their wallets too!

Before you know it, you've let go of that expensive office rental contract and invested in a marketing campaign or automation platform to boost your growth even further!

Innovation is driving the revolution

Since 2020 the development of software and infrastructure that supports functional and productive remote work has accelerated at a remarkable pace. This in turn increases the amount of participants and companies making the transition which further accelerates innovation.

What is most noteworthy about these innovations is that the majority developments are focused on people collaborating remotely, leveraging technology in different ways, and being bolder with innovation, scalability, and growth.


While this might sound like the perfect solution to you to let everyone stay home and close the office space for good, keep in mind the importance of frequent in-person events and a positive company culture - which requires interaction in positive environments. So celebrate birthdays, holidays, achievements and anniversaries (it doesn't all have to be about work) and build a healthy company culture with your values as your compass.

Tip #3 - Leverage Online Platforms

It's never too late to take advantage of the powerful platforms available to reach your audience and grow your brand. Even if its simply to establish your reputation and gain trust through validation.

Social Media

Social Media has become a pillar for many brands to increase their influence and compete in wider markets than previously possible.

This doesn't mean you need to spend tens of thousands to see results, you just need a good starting point. For many, this is a website.

Get a Website

With more website designers and developers out there than ever before, finding the right fit for your hosting and development needs is easier than ever and should not break the bank by any means. Many hosting platforms have powerful built in email marketing tools to help you reach out to leads and customers.

But not everyone has the ability to invest in the best and require a free solution as a starting point. Smaller businesses can start off on Google My Business and setup a Facebook account (both for free). And if you sell products you can host your online store on Facebook marketplace to reach a larger audience and leverage the thousands of tutorials and guides on Social Media marketing tips to fuel the growth of your digital footprint!

Grow from there...

With some positive growth as a result of your solid foundation, you can now invest in a more robust solution to accelerate your growth potential. Data and analytics are more advanced and sophisticated than ever and is allowing businesses to see crucial customer behaviors that inform better marketing practices and sales procedures. Integrations with other digital solutions are increasingly abundant with more digital services being able to benefit from these important innovations. This creates a safer environment for the sharing and use of crucial information, without any concerns of it ever being lost or compromised.

Just a start...

Now that you know where to begin, get to work on implementing a change or two to take your working environment to the next level and grow your business. Smoother workflows and nearly unlimited growth has never been easier thanks to remarkable innovations leading us to the Modern Office! If you require a consultation and evaluation on how we can help you get started with Modern Office solutions, simply book your FREE consultation here.


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