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Access control systems are essential for securing your sensitive areas from unauthorized access. They allow you to control who can enter and when, and create a record of the access events. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from different types of devices and solutions that can provide you with a complete and secure access control system.

Some of the devices that you can use for access control are:

  • Card readers read the information stored on a card, such as a magnetic stripe, barcode, or smart chip, and grant or deny access based on the card’s validity and can be installed on doors, gates, or turnstiles.

  • Fingerprint terminals scan the fingerprint of a user and compare it with a stored template to verify the user’s identity. 

  • Facial recognition terminals are more convenient than fingerprint terminals, as they do not require physical contact or cards and are a more hygienic and secure alternative.

  • QR code scanners scan the QR code displayed on a user’s smartphone or tablet and grant or deny access based on the code’s validity. They can also be used for temporary or guest access, as the QR codes can be generated and sent online.

You can combine these devices with various authentication methods, such as ID cards, PINs, facial images, and more, to create a customized and multi-layered access control system that suits your preferences.

Our devices are not only easy to use and manage, but also equipped with advanced features such as anti-passback, interlocking, combined authentications, and more. With our professional management software, you can easily register and manage your devices and personnel, and monitor your access records and events.

Don’t compromise on your security. Choose our access control system and experience expert express installation and the advantages of a smart, secure, and convenient solution. Contact us today and let us help you find the best option for your needs.

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