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Document Management

State of the art Document Management to transition to a more secure, & efficient paperless office.

  • 30 min
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Modernise the way you process, store and secure your important documents & manage workflows to efficiently share information. Fully automate your business processes and support your mobile & remote workforce with centralized document management. With effortless integration with over 500 different applications including Microsoft Outlook, easy document scanning & digitization of physical documents, our document management solutions can help you save a lot of time & money so book your consultation today! The all-in-one solution your organization needs(small business or enterprise) with all the necessary integrations already exists for you to take advantage of. • Reduced operational costs Storage costs: There’s no longer a need to purchase filing cabinets or use valuable floor space to store paper or keep hard copies for future reference Copying and printing costs: With digitization, you don’t need to create multiple copies of a file for distribution around the office. You can use a digital document management system to store one copy in a central place, for easy access Business process costs: Because you’ve transitioned from manual to automated workflows, you streamline business processes and save money. For example, optimizing workflows can lead to faster payment collection and a reduction in purchasing costs Security and data recovery costs: Securing your data to multiple locations is easy and inexpensive. Recovering that data is even easier, with no impact on business continuity • Cleaner Office Imagine no more filing cabinets, fewer printing devices, and shelves of storage reclaimed from paper and toner supplies. Less shipping, less photocopying, less filing and searching. The first advantage is a cleaner, brighter, more spacious office. • Streamlined workflows Easy, remote access and the ability to share documents rapidly, accelerates tasks and contributes to efficient crucial processes such as invoicing, employee onboarding, and collections while allowing more beneficial free time for employees with less frustration at tedious processes. • Improved security and compliance Custom access controls and digital data security make it easier and less expensive to maintain compliance and reduces the likelihood that missing documents will result in fines or lost revenue. • Positive environmental impact By becoming paperless, you can reduce your impact on forests, cut energy use and help lessen the impact of climate change.

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