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Projectors are devices that project images or videos onto a screen or a wall. They can enhance your presentation by making it more visual, engaging, and professional. Ricoh’s projectors are value for money and in good quality. They come in different models and features to match your business environment and presentation style. Here are some of the main types of projectors that Ricoh offers:

  • Entry: Bright, durable and simple to use projectors for small to medium-sized rooms.

  • Standard: All-round, high-quality digital projectors for all your office needs.

  • Desk Edge: Desk Edge projectors for better meetings. They can be placed at the edge of a table to project images without shadows or glare.

  • Short Throw: Short Throw projectors for maximum flexibility. They can project large images from a short distance, saving space and minimizing disturbance.

  • Ultra Short Throw: The smart choice for small spaces. They can project images from as close as 11.7 cm from the wall, making them ideal for interactive presentations.

  • High End: Powerful installation projectors for lecture halls and large classrooms. They offer high brightness, resolution and contrast, as well as multiple lens choices and 360-degree projection.

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