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CRM & Sales Resources

Introduction & Development Roadmap

"The closest we ever got to perfection was consistent, improvement."


MH Office Machines has always been a company built and maintained on the principles of growth, service and innovation. We are excited to be entering a new stage of growth with more ambitious goals to achieve at every phase.

On this page is where you can find all the information you need regarding our plans and progress in rolling out a solution that will enable us to effectively and efficiently reach our collective long-term goals.

Through effective research, discovery and assessment of operations and in conjunction with ownership and relevant departments, we have identified multiple opportunities for growth and their respective solutions. 

Read all about our approach and planning and stay up to date with progress while contributing your opinions and proposed functions and solutions as we work.

Our Approach

The first step is to share our perspective and to encourage you to adopt the same approach to the proposed solutions. Put simply, we want to re-contextualize factors commonly identified as "problems" and re-frame them as OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENT to encourage more constructive approach to finding our solutions. 


The OPPORTUNITIES identified are:

  • Improved growth & scalability through focus on profitable verticals in extended areas

  • Improved and efficient data capture & analysis to utilize in targeted marketing campaigns

  • Sales conversion growth through reduced administrative workload & targeting strategies

  • Improved customer interaction & satisfaction through more expedient delivery of information to representatives 

  • Improved interdepartmental communication through automation or elimination of the need for correspondence

  • Cost reduction of unnecessary travel expenses through improved remote service delivery

  • Improved time management by having an "all-in-one" interface to track all sales procedures, access product information & resources as well as contact information & much more.

  • Continuous positive shift in marketing ambition (supplementary to growth)

  • Organised & thorough resource access on all relevant information to improve industry & product knowledge & gain additional skills related to customer service & sales techniques

  • Improved training & on-boarding

Put simply, our goals are to improve scalability, provide opportunities for growth and increase sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction while saving time on admin with automation.

To achieve this we have elected to propose a quite extreme measure to move most CRM related activities to an alternative platform to address previously stated concerns from all relevant parties. The CRM solution proposed is cost effective, user friendly, has single access capabilities with role-specific limitations, automated workflows, task allocation, app based notifications, website integration, feedback forms & survey access, integration with marketing tools and social media platforms and many many more features to expand upon and utilize as the need arises.

Our solution includes a custom supporting infrastructure for Sales Representatives built to be a read-only, user friendly interface for sales representatives to access crucial information, resources and tools they need to efficiently conduct sales initiatives. This application will be referred to as "Power Sales app".

Further planned functionality would be to use the platform as a training resource for effective on-boarding.

We also have additional long-term goals to roll-out supporting apps for other departments, partners and a publicly listed app for visitors, messaging and ecommerce.

Feel free to read our initial rough draft proposal for a workflow solution below.

Development Roadmap

Planning and progress

Track every step and detail of our planning and progress with implementing changes and rollout of the Power Sales app and Wix Ascend CRM & Marketing platform.

Our development roadmap is divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1 is basic Planning & Prototyping 

Stage 2 is Website Rebuild and configuration of CRM and automations while we test test our data integrations

Stage 3 is Advanced Testing, Troubleshooting and curation of essential training material & supporting training sessions

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Stage 1 - Planning & Prototyping

  • Operational assessment of basic sales pipeline

  • Operational assessment of Customer Relationship management platform

  • Operational assessment of communications with partners & suppliers 

  • Sales representative feedback assessment

  • Managerial input on goals and priorities

  • Overall workflow assessment to identify solutions based on previous assessments & feedback provided

  • Expansion of product knowledge and scope of service assessment

  • Access to and assessment of supplementary training resources

  • Market position and affordability assessment

  • Market research (temporarily specific to most competitive and profitable sector)

  • Identification of solutions to improve scalability, provide opportunities for growth and increase sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction

  • Identification of challenges we expect

  • Skeleton UX design in Figma Pro

  • Presentation of solutions and challenges to management and owners

  • Approvals for action

  • Notify necessary personnel and update development roadmap accordingly

  • Prototyping  dataset binding within application with resources for sales representatives.

  • Establish all necessary functions for Power Sales app

  • Establish limitations of in platform capabilities (Ascend & Figma data based automation & integration)

  • Establish hardware requirements

  • Cost and risk assessment with regard to hardware issued

  • Planning of all necessary artboards & layout in Figma Pro

       - Layout & Pages:
       1- Welcome | Login

           > Power Portal (dashboard for all pricing and product information listed for                                                   Wix Back Room)

              >> Ricoh

              >> Hikvision

              >> EMC

              >> Canon

              >> Pinnacle

              >> etc.


           > Power POS - forms to capture data and close deals (workflow from lead to sale)

              >> Links to Wix standalone forms for sales actions


           > Power Preparation - Training & resources for reps

              >> Sales Basics

              >> Needs Assessment & Feasibility

              >> Print & Paper basics

              >> CRM In-depth (Ascend)

              >> Communication Protocols

              >> etc.

Screenshot 2022-07-18 080622.png

  • Prototype interactions for UX Feedback

  • Apply fixes

  • Write Google Sheets back end templates     
    - Back end required: Power Portal & Back Room     
    - Establish available real-time or frequently updatable databases     
    - Establish internal communication protocols to update CSV frequently        


  • Integration of initial Google Sheets Doc (TEST)

  • Further establish Datasets required
    - Sales Representatives

    - Admin
    - New Leads

    - Most direct hooks with wix api

  • Establish required forms (with security protocols)
    - New Lead Form (1 per Rep & Admin with pin)

  • Establish membership structure
    - Sales rep roles
    - Partner Login - Dashboard
    - Member Login - Chat
    - Eventual Rollout of public app

  • Pages required:

  • Establish Required Automations

  • Collect product data

  • Further test integration with prototype

  • Training & on-boarding resource curation

Try it out while we work

The file might take a while to load...please be patient.

Keep in mind that this is a skeleton prototype and is in no way a final representation of the application or workflow we will be utilizing. This prototype is to test the structure and user-friendliness of our layout on the app and explore ways to develop further and research stable integration methods with available tools to maximize it's potential and automate as many workflow functions as possible.

Stage 2 - Website Re-build & back-end CRM configuration

  • Ascend plan upgrade to enable additional necessary functionality

  • Re-direct homepage to "Under construction" landing page
    - Countdown to re-launch 
    - Message button
    - No info submissions to dataset (free form text only)

  • CRM & Automation configuration

  • Planning of workflow and form layout & functionality

  • Establish Dynamic and Static pages
    (Dynamic pages to save loading & maintenance time)
    (Static pages to incorporate multiple datasets on single page)

  • Dynamic Pages:
    - Products
    - Customer(list page) & Customer profile(item page) {x CRM access accounts}

  • Static Pages:
    - Dashboard (all in one interface to display latest announcements, customer & lead actions &         pending tasks - one page per respective CRM Access account to allow pin access) 
    - Targets (page to display monthly & quarterly sales & marketing targets & monitor progress)
    - Contacts (all internal contacts and communication protocols)
    - Portal (all supplier information, updates & resources)
    - Forms (all form submissions to input data onto CRM, complete orders or get customer feedback)
    - Files (all requires file downloads & resources to help sell)
    - Finance (dependent on external invoicing & checkout methods)

  • Condition configuration for dataset submissions

  • CMS format planning with references to allow multiple dataset submissions
    - All leads database (multi-reference field to "CRM Per Rep" Collection)
    - CRM Access (All accounts to have CRM access with Dash URL field)
    - Services ??
    - CRM Per Rep Data

  • Front facing website re-build - Services page with team(DP) - member only access to allow direct chat

  • Establishment of Sales Representative customer interaction workflow and automation

  • Shop front rebuild and expansion(where pricing & stock is available\ integrate inventory control)

  • Shop front inventory control - ?marzaan?

  • Back room for full product catalogue with updated real-time pricing (where available) ONE product category for testing

  • ​  Training & on-boarding resources curation (all website roles)
           - Basic Workflow on Wix Ascend
           - Inter-departmental communication protocols
           - Sales Representatives CRM
           - Sales Representatives Forms & Submissions (POS)
           - Accounts Management
           - Email Marketing
           - Back Room Store interaction
           - Integration & interaction with MH Office Power Sales app

Stage 3 - Alpha state rollout

  • Add site members & assign appropriate roles

  • CRM training prioritization Wix Ascend

  • Training sessions with appropriate staff with supplementary material FOR TESTING PURPOSES 

  • Website + Wix Owners app testing with reps

Beta state rollout

  • App roll-out